Thursday, July 4, 2013

Graduation #2: AHEC-West

Last Saturday eight new doctors were graduated from University of Arkansas for Medical Science Family Medicine Residency Program. Congratulations to all, and especially to my husband! He worked really hard to become a doctor in the United States. We both are a first generations immigrants, that came to the Land of  the Free with degree and some experience. 

But here he had to start all over again: tests, more tests, and residency, which was not easy to find as most residency programs do look for a new medical graduates with five years cap. It wasn't easy, but all his  hard work payed off (he just came to me and said to correct to: "Our hard work"). It took just eight years, and here he is: board certified and licensed new doctor in our family. 

Receiving the Diploma

With Former Program Director Dr. Acklin (left)

Our teenager (left) with guests

We were happy to have our friends at the graduation

Our friend Lisa (left) and new program director Dr. E. Spradlin (right)
Graduates and attending physicians were having fun! 

and friends.
And here what it all was about...

Congratulations to all graduates! 

Congratulations to my husband! 

Congratulations to my dad, who's celebrating his birthday today! 

 And Happy 4th of July to all! 

See you,