Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Menu

28 lb off is a good result but I am not there yet.
I still need to "melt" off some belly fat.

However,  it wasn't always about losing weight. February and March of this year were very difficult months. I was exhausted, nearly depressed, and got to the point when doctor  recommended me an antidepressant. The word "antidepressant" scared me as much as those side effects it causes.  Another medical advice was to try physical therapy.
I "grabbed" the last one.
Aqua fitness and walking were my first literally physical therapies to treat my condition.
And you know what?  It also had its  "Side Effects". Not only I was gaining my emotional balance back, but  I started to lose weight as well...
When  ladies from aqua fitness class, then fitness center employees started to compliment me on weight loss,  depression was  long forgotten.

Few weeks ago I showed Kristy (one of the health and fitness center's employee) pictures of my dinner. It was mashed cauliflower with couscous-mushroom patties. Yummy!
Next time I had pictures of my favorite meal: grilled portobella mushroom with collard greens "fettuccine".  Couple of days later a stranger approached me in the fitness center, complimented me on my weight loss and asked about what other healthy recipes I have. Wow, people talk! It made my day. Not the compliments (well, getting it does makes me feel good too, no doubt about that!) but the growing interest in healthy lifestyle. Yes, my friends. It is not a diet, not an exercise routine, but a very enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. 
 I will go into details of my understanding of "enjoyable lifestyle" next time.

Today I promised Kristy to post a simple  menu.

So here it is -  Friday Menu (or Saturday, or any other day of the week):

Breakfast (never skip the breakfast, please):
Multi grain hot cereal with blueberries

Organic corn Tortillas that became Tacos:
Warm tortillas, spread bean dip of your choice, add lettuce, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, dill (dried or fresh), parsley, etc.

 Collard greens (cocked) as a side of "salad".
For desert I had two pieces of crystallized ginger and green tea (love green tea!)

  • 5 walnuts  
  • one slice of dried mango (no sugar added, no sulfur).
  • 1/2 cup of red grapes
  • green tea. I drink it hot, but cold is  good too. As long as it doesn't have sugar or any other artificial flavor.

Dinner (for lazy Friday):

Pizza (mushrooms and roasted vegetables, no cheese)
Lettuce, cucumbers and tomato salad with artichoke dressing.
Cranberry drink (made from scratch with very little sugar).
Green tea (optional)

Late snack - an apple.

Don't worry, you won't be hungry. 

And, as my yoga instructor Bryan says,

Put a smile on your heart,
and let it shine on your face.

Happy Friday everyone!

Until next time, Cowboy Country Vegetarian.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello my friends!

I did it! Took me some time but I did it...
Here is a little history. As you all know, last years we moved from beautiful Seattle, WA to Arkansas. Bib-big changes, even bigger adjustments, especially in our food habits. We got really spoiled by availability and accessibility of fresh, local produce year round. Back home (in Seattle)   I had a luxury to live close to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and many local farmers markets. And I thought that was the case everywhere.... Well, not so fast... And not everywhere....
It took me a whole year to find good sources of organic produce in Arkansas. There is a little store few miles from here with a very friendly owners, that are ready to order for me any produce I need or want ... in bulk only. There is Co-op 64 miles up north with good selection of leafy greens (my favorites). And two hours of driving to Tulsa, OK takes me to Whole Foods when I need it. (I am reading this and thinking: is that what they call Food Desert?)
So after our move to Cowboy Country our food habits started to shift towards whatever people eat here and whatever local stores sell. By Christmas of 2010 I gained about 10 extra pounds. I was size 16 going into 18. I didn't want to be in any pictures that Christmas. I wanted to hide, to become as invisible as possible...
To make a long story short, now I am size 12 going into 10, lost 28lb as of today. How did I do it?
I became a vegetarian ... in Cowboy Country!
Many friend asked me to share my routine, recipes, etc.  
and encouraged me to create a blog. Thank you!