Friday, February 7, 2014

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show (Photos)

For ideas, inspiration, and some good time we went to the Garden Show in Seattle.

Everyone needs a place to rest in privacy of a garden. Why not make it gorgeous? 

You would not believe what those flowers were made off. I didn't. Metal!

Glass. Bamboo shoots were made of glass too.

More glass.

And some more glass. 
After all, this city is famous for it's glass work (think Chihuly).

I'd like to model my garden around a round table. 
I think it's cozy.

How about a salmon as a garden decor? Very Northwest... 

Or three little frogs? 

I would definitely find a place in my garden for this goat family.

Another charming set, overlooking the Pike street and Puget Sound.

And the star of the show was this fountain, attracting a big crowd: everyone wanted to spend more time watching it. Somehow water, running in two different directions, had a powerful calming effect. Despite a background noise of the Convention Center, this spot was quiet and relaxed. 

Have a nice and relax weekend, my friends!

See you,