Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last weekend we were left alone, unsupervised by our kids. We unleashed our be-an-example-to-your-kids guards, and had a total fun. At some point, I stepped away from it and took a few photos.

My friend Lisa and I were talking about this book while having a glass of that...

There was some exciting conversation going on... probably, about the food. What else can be so fascinating? Drinks?  
Sorry, kids, I know we didn't talk about you at that moment...

Then some of us opened their pool season. Yey!

Floating bar with ...

...a drink: beer or that Skinny Girl (see photo on the top)

Mr. IV (my husband) resting in the pool, aw... I want in there too! :)

Let the fun begin!

A vocal ...

...and a dance performance by Lisa's husband,

and by both of them. You two are so cute, and happy! :)

Cat was"supervising" us, safely, through the window

It was a good day, when we left all restrictions and rules aside, and just were, how do I say it?  Kids again?! Unsupervised? Free to be silly? Whatever it was, it lifted our spirit for many days to come. 

How often do you let yourself off the "appropriate in public " guards?

See you,


  1. so glad you two had such a nice day :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun by all. That's a good thing!! Glad you all had the opportunity to let your hair down!!

  3. Sometimes adults need to have fun, too! Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Fun time. Kitty was probably wondering what the strange humans were doing - no self respecting cat would ever get in the water! Actually when we lived in Florida and had a pool, one of our cats (now dead of old age, alas) used to like to drink from the pool - and slipped in a couple of times. That was one wet and embarrassed cat!

  5. So... Our naughty little evening made the headlines :) I LOVED IT!!!!


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