Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hello From The Pacific NorthWest

Interesting cloud formation above the Mt. Rainier. January 2014

Dear friends, 
I have received many e-mails asking me if I took time off from blogging, and when I am coming back. Those questions made me think whether I want to blog at all and if yes, then what direction would I go. And at this time I don't have a clear answer for myself and for you.

As you know, blogging is a full time job if you do it every day. My full time job during this transition after moving from Arkansas to Seattle is my family. A month ago we bought a house and are settling in, so here comes another unpacking. :)

Blogging brings a lot of joy to me, and to my friends and family. But there is a drop of negativism here and there coming from unhappy people in comments and e-mails. That is definitely not what I want on my blog. And while I try not to take it personally, it still makes a small scratch on my heart. My blog is to connect with my family and friends, and if someone doesn't like it then don't come. But if you came and decided to stay, be kind and positive. As simple as that. 

At this point I don't know if I want to blog the way I did before. Most likely I will post more photos (per my family's request), slightly less words and recipes, although I do have a few specific requests that I will honor. 
We shell see where this road would take us...

Another cloud forming on Mt.Rainier. January 2014

This one is for my family: on American Lake. January 2014

Thank you all for visiting my blog! :)

Be kind, be gentle, be nice... 


  1. Hi Marina.
    I have wondered how you are doing. I though you would be busy settling into your new home and learning your way around.
    Your pictures are awesome today. I don't know if you realize what beautiful pictures you take, both indoors and outside. Close ups and landscapes. I enjoy ALL your pictures.
    While I enjoy reading daily blogs, I imagine that would be too stressful for me personally. I would burn out fast. I understand what you are saying about daily blogging. I hope you will continue to blog and post pictures occasionally. You are living in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.
    Take care and have fun in the northwest.

    1. Hi Sheila, Thank you for your always kind comments! I do enjoy taking photos of nature. There is something magnificent in the mountains, oceans, creeks, meadows... I can look at it for a very long time. No wonder all meditations are done in nature. I forgot to mention that the mountain pictures are taken from my window. On a nice sunny day there is a "distraction" - the view, that keeps me from doing my work!:)

  2. Yes blogging can be quite a job on it's own:) I will be hapy to read you:)

    1. Thank you Kim! You are such a good friend. I would like to meet with you one day! :)

  3. Hello Marina, I am so glad to hear that you are settled into your beautiful new home. Those photos are just breathtaking. Wow! I know it takes so long after a move to get situated, it is way more than just getting unpacked, especially if you have kids. Take your time and so glad to see you back. Take Care, BAM

    1. Thank you! Yes, it took us a bit longer to settle down this time than we expected. But I am so glad we have our own place and I can be creative again. :)

  4. I was indeed wondering what had happened to you Marina - it was so long since I saw you around. I've been having quite the changes in my own life so I can understand the lack of time you've had.

    As for the negative people... do you have an ability to ban people by IP in blogger? I guess maybe not. I'd just ban them and move on. Pay no heed to little people spouting vitriolic crap. You have to be a special kind if ass-hat to be mean to people over the internet just because you have some sense of pseudo-anonymity!

  5. Ooo, dangerous cloud. I believe it is a Standing lenticular (lens shape). Funny thing about nature. The more spectacular, the more dangerous. :) As a pilot, we stay away from such things. You have to wonder what sort of marvel of atmosphere is creating it and know you do not want your aircraft to be a part of it. ;)

  6. That's right! I remember about your move! How's your new life on the west coast? We're on the same time zone and much closer. :) Congratulations on the move and new house! I LOVE Seattle! So green unlike here in California. Look forward to your posts from Seattle!


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