Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello my friends!

I did it! Took me some time but I did it...
Here is a little history. As you all know, last years we moved from beautiful Seattle, WA to Arkansas. Bib-big changes, even bigger adjustments, especially in our food habits. We got really spoiled by availability and accessibility of fresh, local produce year round. Back home (in Seattle)   I had a luxury to live close to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and many local farmers markets. And I thought that was the case everywhere.... Well, not so fast... And not everywhere....
It took me a whole year to find good sources of organic produce in Arkansas. There is a little store few miles from here with a very friendly owners, that are ready to order for me any produce I need or want ... in bulk only. There is Co-op 64 miles up north with good selection of leafy greens (my favorites). And two hours of driving to Tulsa, OK takes me to Whole Foods when I need it. (I am reading this and thinking: is that what they call Food Desert?)
So after our move to Cowboy Country our food habits started to shift towards whatever people eat here and whatever local stores sell. By Christmas of 2010 I gained about 10 extra pounds. I was size 16 going into 18. I didn't want to be in any pictures that Christmas. I wanted to hide, to become as invisible as possible...
To make a long story short, now I am size 12 going into 10, lost 28lb as of today. How did I do it?
I became a vegetarian ... in Cowboy Country!
Many friend asked me to share my routine, recipes, etc.  
and encouraged me to create a blog. Thank you!

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