Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feel Good Post: 12.12.12

Today I wish you all to feel good and to celebrate The World Day of Interconnectedness. It's a day to be together with your family, friends,  and be in harmony with yourself.

Today we had a lovely walk with my friend Lisa and her Mom

Tall grass along the sidewalk

A friendly holiday decorations...

Pine tree...

and cherry tree in bloom, today! 

Isn't this snowman cute?!

We run so our goals in life will continue to get bigger instead of our belly
 Bill Kirby)

HoHoHo! It is the season!
A few family photos... 

Our son, a.k.a. teenager

Teenager after soccer (for the rest of the world football)  practice 12.12.12

Our daughter
Daughter: self portrait 12.12.12 via iPhone

Us 12.12.12 (ignore the look)
Thanks to the Internet and phones, our family connected today...

Back to Feel Good photos...

"Did I miss something? tell me, tell me!"

"I don't eat fish, how many times do I have to tell you?"

"Any gifts for me? No? Oh, you better hurry!"

"You may think I am sleeping, but I am watching you.
And yes, I am very comfortable..."
"I am coming down, wait, wait!
Yes, I washed leaked my paws. What's for dinner?"
"Didn't I tell you I don't like fish? Oh, they are not my dinner? Whew..."

"What's then?"

Holiday greetings

As we were walking, I lifted my head: high up in the sky there was a little dot... with zoom in it became this picture. It made me smile. 
We are indeed interconnected on this Planet... And it feels good! :)

See you,


  1. You have such a beautiful family Marina! And I have to say that I always love seeing photos of your cat-he has the best expressions! :D A lovely post!!

  2. This is a feel good post! Wonderful pics of your family and neighborhood! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great POST! Made my heart warm and put a big smile on my face. Thank you.

  4. I love this post my friend, brightened my spirits :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. I love these photos and yes, they are feel good photos. It's nice to see a picture of your kids as well :) I love that you get that were all connected to each other, the earth and the universe. There was something spectacular about yesterday. Its like the earth was glowing and brighter than usual. I saw the most beautiful full rainbow when taking the kids to school yesterday morning and at the same time we had a gorgeous sun shower. I told my kids that this was a sign of good things to come. Forget all of those doom and gloom predictions, the earth is ascending and we're ascending with it.
    If you're looking for a great book series, I would recommend the Ringing Cedar Series, by Vladimir Megre. Amazing!
    Have a glorious day.

    1. I cannot believe you know Ringing Cedars Series! That is amazing, Jackie. There is some invisible connections between us... :)

  6. Lots of interconnectedness as I can see and lots of xmas decorations as well. I have to tell you that here in Poland we are a little bit more eco when it comes to snowmans. We simply make them out of snow ;-) but to be quite frank I would prefer not be so eco and be able to enjoy warm weather during Xmas instead of frost and snow ;-)

    1. I don't miss the snow even a bit, so I prefer too those snowmen. Although they said it may snow tonight, but it won't stay for long enough to build eco snowman. :)

  7. This cat is so cute... So bizarre for me to see pictures taked in december without snow... I live in Quebec...

  8. Even though you're considerably south of me, many of these photos could have easily been shot around here. We've not had any snow in the City all month. Like in your photos, there are inflatable snowmen sitting in the middle of snowless lawns. We do not have, however, cherry blossoms. Surely that's as odd as it sounds!
    You've a beautiful family, Marina -- and I include the kitty in that statement. He's such a ham, though, and was obviously playing for the camera. Camera hog! ANd a great theme for today's post! :)

  9. Great pictures Marina, you have a lovely family and nice friends!! I like cats+fish. It's a warm, positive feeling to be connected with each other.

  10. What a sweet post, your cat is SO cute! The fish were pulling some pretty good faces too.

  11. Wonderful, positive post, Marina. I love your cat! It has a beautiful colour and looks so huggy (although I know cats have their humours and not always like to be hugged...). Thanks for sharing your family photos.

  12. We needed a positive post like this today after hearing about the tragic shooting in the schools in US. We need to bring life back to the simple things like family. Take care, BAM

  13. I love how much time you take out just to slow down and notice these things (not to mention share them with us)! Hope you and your family have a fantastic week as well.

  14. You have such wonderful weather at your place, any one can feel good. In Vancouver its raining all the time and this post brought smile on my face. Have a great weekend!

  15. Marina, I was all set to declare the nest and the pine tree my favorites (not counting the photos of your lovely family and friends), then came the cat! I adore cats and yours looks especially adorable!

  16. Great looking family! And great photos. You can never have too many kitty photos. ;-) Fun post - thank you.

  17. Marina thank you for sharing such an amazing photos. I love them all. Great post and very cute cat-))

  18. Gorgeous photos! I hope you're enjoying the holiday season! I want one of those snow men! :)

  19. Beautiful family Marina and I love this uplifting post...thank you!
    Have a great week :)

  20. Marina, thank you for sharing your life with us! It does make us feel good! Thanks for your happy post! Our sky is blue today too, although it only lasts just today...and back to rain! >_<

  21. Is it my idea or your son looks a lot like you Marina? Lovely photos, you have a beautiful family! Enjoy it and cherish it!


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