Thursday, December 8, 2011


My journey to loose weight hits a plato now and then. My calendar keeps me motivated, and also keeps me informed whether I hit the plato or not. 
November was a month when digits on my scale hardly changed. 
My first plato month was discouraging, I was anxious to see some changes on the scale. 
At some point I had a thought: "will I ever see those digits moving?!" 
Bob, my trainer from the gym, told me once: "you didn't put all those pounds in one day, or even one month. It took time. And it will take time to melt it off as well". 
Well, that time has passed along with anxiety. 
I am perfectly OK with my plato months. 
However, when digits on my scale do go down, I celebrate by giving myself a small treat: a new running shoes, another workout outfit (I started to love shopping again but only for a fitness clothes). 
Last month I celebrated my 30lb weight loss by treating myself with one hour massage. 
Then for about three weeks I was on the plato again. And yesterday scales finally started to show a smaller digits. Celebration time!!! 
I asked my mom to show me how she makes our all time favorite cookies. 
So today was a baking day with my mom. 
I enjoyed the time we spent together, experimenting with some new twists to an old recipe. What a treat!
And cookies were really tasty, just like when we were kids... 

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. Marina,
    Plato means you are stable! Steady state in weight loss is awesome. it means what you have now feels natural to your body and it wants to keep it. Ditch the scale for awhile and keep ding the right thing every day. You can't go wrong.

  2. Lisa, Thank you for the explanation!


Your warm comments put a smile on my heart.