Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yet Another Breakfast

Few years ago we decided to eat less processed food and go back to the roots, seeds (grains), fruits, berries, and vegetables.
We began from fruits, vegetables, berries, then added roots.
Just recently I started to buy seeds/ whole grains and  make food from it: wheat, rye, oat, quinoa, barley, buckwheat, amaranth, all kind of beans.
Some seeds are common in my kitchen (beans), some are experimental. Rye is a new discovery for us.
Even though rye is a popular ingredient in cereals (rolled rye), rye flower, sometimes rye is used in whiskey and vodka production, often times near a rye bin in any health food stores you can hear comments: "What do I do with it?"
Same question I had looking at the rye at the Whole Foods.
Fear aside, I bought a pound of whole rye berries. If we don't like it, I can always sprout it or use it in my breads (I love pumpernickel bread).

Rye grains (yellow berries are for decoration)

After rinsing I left grains for pre-soaking overnight. Next morning I cooked rye for about 25 minutes. The amount of water is not specified as you need to drain all the excess of water after anyway.
I used ratio 1 cup of rye to 3 cups of water. I didn't add any salt or sugar, I wanted to taste the real rye.
It has a mild flavour with a hint of nuttiness.
From it I made a delicious breakfast today.
To a half a cup of cooked rye I added 1/4 cup blueberries, 3 prunes, 2 tbsp walnuts.
Everyone enjoyed it.
I don't think I will be buying box cereal any time soon.

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. You are so adventurous, Marina! But it looks so good and I think has a great potential of becoming a staple. What about cooking at as a savory side dish?

  2. Yes, it can be a savory side dish. I was surprised that rye tasted so good. I also made a salad with tomatoes, rye, peppers, parsley, green onions with salt and lemon juice. Was very good too.

  3. Create something with rye, mushrooms, onions and something green!

  4. Good idea! Mushrooms and onions goes with everything (in my kitchen)! :)

  5. It would never occur to me to use whole rye grains in anything! I know you'll make amazing rye dishes!

  6. ....I forgot to say - the cereal idea is GENIUS!

  7. Thank you, Ann! I am also glad you are back, can't wait to see what's cooking in your kitchen!

  8. This is what I call a healthy breakfast! Nice choice!


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