Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Surprise

As you know, I am slowly becoming a friend with my new camera. And the best way to learn about your new friend is to spend some time together, to hang out...:)
As I look at the world around me through another eyes, I see unusual in casual. 
This morning I was looking closely at the pictures I took (that parsley and carrots in my garden from the yesterday post). Then some color grabbed my attention, a small orange spot. What was it? Thinking no longer, I went to my garden, looked at the carrots... 
Oh, dear... Do I have a carrots? In February?! I pooled a few, still amazed and really surprised. I wasn't sure what to think, so I just took another pictures. What a treat! And a smell... is indescribable (are they going to invent a computer with a smell transmission feature?!) 

With all that camera talk I haven't post any food in a while. What's been cooking in my kitchen?
I was working on some appetizers and was surprised (again) of the outcome. 

Artichokes with eggplant stuffing

I love artichokes, and I love eggplants. Today I had both and decided to combine two flavors with some cheese. Unless you have access to frozen artichokes, this is not a quick fix meal: artichokes needs to be boiled for 40-45 minutes. 
While artichokes were cooking, I baked the eggplants and sauteed two leeks. 
Then I diced the eggplants, mixed it with the leeks, seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic and dill. 
Then artichokes were filled with eggplant stuffing, sprinkled with a cheese and popped in the 425F oven for 10 min, just so the cheese is lightly browned.  
Picture (above) is not that "magazines-are-in-the-line-to-get-it-for-a-cover-page", but the taste of this little jewels is great. It melts in your mouth.

Were you winter surprised in some way?

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. So forget cute do your carrots look in that vase! What a great centerpiece!

    1. Thanks! do you want to know the secret? Those carrots are in beer glass...:)

  2. Very nice photos!! Keep the good work (with your new camera)!! :-)

    1. Thank you Efty, I am going to share my work here, let me know what you think, please.

  3. Ciao, che bella soddisfazione poter raccogliere i prodotti del proprio orto!!! Bellissime le foto, fatto presto amicizia con la macchina fotografica!!! Mi piace molto la ricetta che hai proposto!!!
    Ti seguo e se ti fa piacere passa a trovarmi.
    A presto

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. It is encouraging not only to work on my blog but to re-fresh my Italian as well, which I forgot for not using it in about 12 years. Grazie Laura!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Jay. I visited your blog, and can't take that fish meal off my mind.

  5. Lucky you! I found some herbs still growing in my weird for February! And I love artichokes so your appy looks so tempting and delicious!!!

  6. Love the stuffed artichokes!!! Thanks for stopping by today; I'm now following you so I can keep up with your posts! have a super great time with the new camera! I'm addicted to mine now!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Thank you Roz. I was afraid to admit, but yes, it's getting addictive. I am glad I am not alone!

  7. you are welcome. Thanks for visiting me here.


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