Monday, October 3, 2011


Usually, after I drop my son at school,  I drive straight to the health center.
It wasn't the case today. I didn't have a busy schedule and I had zero motivation, so all morning long I was looking for excuses.
"I don't feel good"
"I don't have energy"
"I have some other work to do before I can go to the gym"
"I have ...." (fill the blank).
By midday I ran out of excuse and only my workout calendar kept popping out in my face here and there, increasing my guilt.
 I went upstairs, changed to workout clothes, and set on a couch. "No, I can't, I am too tiered."  Deep sigh. Few minutes later I put socks on and slowly almost slid downstairs and on the last step I set for another few minutes. Finally, I put my shoes on, grabbed my Android and headphones and made it to the car.
OK, this part was done. As I was driving I told myself: "I'll do 15 minutes on a machine and will call it a day".
When I climed on the eliptical, tuned to my favorite radiostation, and run,  I completely forgot about my morning procrustination . 45 minutes later,  when I stopped , I was surprised to see that I run 4 miles. 
All of the sudden, my heart was filled with joy.

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian

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