Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why Vegetarian?

My food choices were always healthy and natural. It was easy back in Seattle where I lived between Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Uwajimaya (one of the largest Asian grocery retailers). But even that didn't prevent me from gaining weight, which caused constant fatigue, which caused loss of motivation, which caused less activities, which caused gaining more weight...
You've got the picture.
When we moved to Arkansas healthy choices became so limited that I started to use more fats for cooking,  meat substituted vegetables on the plate to the point that we had a piece of meat almost every day, three times a day. Transition went unnoticeable on the plate.  But our health noticed changes bite after bite: we  became easy irritable, often tired by midday, and overweight.
On the other hand, my friend Lisa stopped eating meat about year or so ago and gently encouraged everyone to  consider the same. I wasn't convinced even though she was loosing weight and became so energising to be around.
I was pre-occupied looking into sources of fresh fruits and vegetables to put on my family's plates.
By June 1st I established three main sources of fresh produce ("Hello my Friends!") and decided to cut on meat to about one portion per week. It wasn't hard at all. We had a very hot summer in this parts of the country, maybe that helped.

Then on September 2nd I sent to Lisa this text:
- Are you ready for this? I am convinced to eat plant based food. Last drop was reading about the China study and documentary about research in Cleavland Clinic...
Two minutes later she replied to me:
- Did you make it to Forks over Knives? Great decision, the only way to go!
I was puzzled: is she reading my mind? Yes,  at that moment I just finished watching documentary "Forks over Knives". 
I highly recommend it to you too.  It may change your life.

As of me and my family? I've been eating whole foods, mostly plants for a whole month by now. Yes!!!
About two weeks ago my husband joined me as well. He said he will try. And our teenager son has been eating healthy breakfasts and dinners at home. Unfortunately, he still has lunch at school with a very limited healthy options on a menu. 

So, one of our enjoyable lifestyle principals is being aware of what we put in our bodies.  With awareness comes your choice.
My body is not a trash can. I don't want any chemicals in it, any super processed food that don't even tastes like food anymore. I want an apple to smell like an apple and, when I take a first bite and close my eyes, I can imagine myself in orchard... Don't you?!


Here are some facts and numbers from today's menu:

Multi grain oatmeal with blueberries - 226 Cals

I went to visit my friend's Lisa mom for her birthday. We had tea and some chocolate cake - my piece was around 50 Cals.
 When I came home, my boys (I call my husband and son "my boys") brought me a 6" Subway 9-grains Veggie Delite- 230 Cals.

I don't have picture of the cake or the sub, but this one will sure make you smile!

Mushed potatoes with sauteed portobella mushrooms and onions with side of broccoli and cherry tomatoes - 221 Cal

This dinner is a very easy to make, just a few ingredients and about 30 min of your time.

Read next post for a step by step photo instruction.
 Amazingly simple and delicious!

I also had a few snacks during the day:
  • About 5 walnuts (love it!);
  • One apple;
  • About a cup of red grapes.

Total calories today - about 1,000.
Protein - 29.93. (Where did I get my protein from?!)
Fiber - 26.7
(To calculate calories I use app on my Android  called "Calorie Counter").

Am I hungry? No. I enjoyed my food today!
How was your Saturday?

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian.

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