Friday, November 18, 2011

Healthy Appointment

This morning I was rushing everyone out of the house 10 minutes earlier to make it to my appointment.
I kept saying: "lets move, I don't want to be late!"
I served breakfast and went upstairs to change. When I came down, my son asked me why I am in my workout clothes if I have an appointment. I told him yes, I have an appointment with trainer at the gym, and therefore I can't be late.
My son made this teenager-whatever-face and said: "this is not an appointment..."

Every six week as a member of Marvin Altman health and fitness center I can have an hour with trainer to review my progress, change workout routine, ask questions, and just have fun. It happened that since the beginning my trainer has been Bob Harper, the Fort Smith's Bob Harper.
I remember my first session with Bob. He asked me what is my goal, and I scrambled for a few words to whisper: "To get healthy..." and added very quietly: "and to loose weight..." He gave me that pity look ("yes, I've heard this... would you really do it?-look) but didn't say anything, just walked me through some machines, put my numbers on a Program Sheet, told me to schedule appointment with him in a six weeks, and I was on my own...
As months passed by, I had a couple more appointments with Bob.  Each time I received a new Program Sheet with more interesting and some challenging exercises. And most importantly, I earn a new look: a "you-are-doing-a-good-job-keep-it-up!"-look.
But I am greatful for that first look: it kept me motivated and still does.
So my big Thank You goes to Bob for a healthy appointments...

Mandy and Bob, trainers

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian

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