Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pho Vietnam

Pho Vietnam is a small family owned and family operated restaurant, located on a busy Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith. 
I heard they have a big selection of vegetarian dishes. 
Outside it looks like a gas station, well, because it was a gas station before.
Inside...  here I need to elaborate some more. My first impression was: Wow! Is it a place to eat or a craft store? 
I almost stepped back, but then I saw people being waited at a tables behind a palm tree, I proceeded through an artificial tree "jungle" to an empty spot.
While waiting to be served, I occupied myself exploring the rest of the decor: from a farm animals to lobsters, a piece of everything is  in this little place.
My observation was interrupted by a middle-age gentlemen, who brought me some water and a menu. 
Another Wow! They sure have  a hundred dishes on the menu!

My eye caught a Vegetable Curry soup.
Yes, I'll have this.

Back in Seattle I use to go to a Vietnamese Deli just to get their delicious sandwiches with tofu and pickled vegetables. 
I was happy to see it on the menu at Pho Vietnam and ordered it to go, for later.

As a starter I asked for a vegetarian spring rolls.

When the food came, no decorations interested me anymore.
I indulged myself into delicious mini feast.
Everything was so good.


There was something else about the food: it didn't taste commercial. It had a rich flavor, an oriental taste, and something else that I couldn't figure out what it was.
I shared my thoughts with my yoga friends, who go to Pho Vietnam often for lunch and dinner.
Bryan, my yoga instructor, told me later that Lilly (she and her husband Eric own and run this little place) cooks everything by herself and seasons every dish she cooks with a very special ingredient - Love...
I certainly felt it...

Pho Vietnam from across the street

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. The best Vietnamese food ever!! Love Pho Vietnam. That place was suggested to me as a veg lunch spot by one of our cardiologists who is also a vegetarian.

  2. Cardiologist knows where the good eats are... :)


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