Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Accidental Oat Pancakes

This morning I was bitten by a bug. I was having my morning tea , and one of those "I don't like how this vase on my fireplace looks like, I need to do something there" bug.  And guess what? Twelve hours later the whole room is transformed: I painted the wall above the fireplace; I re-arranged two closets and freed up a small bookshelf to go in the living room as a space divider and to serve as a shelf for my photo props. The place looks crisp and fresh, and now I need to decorate it as the vase that started it all is just a lone standing figure above the renovated fireplace.
While working in the closet I re-organised my clothes by sleeves (sleeveless, short, and long); I got rid of any clothes I have not used in a year; I did laundry; and I am ready for some rest.

So what all of this has to do with the oat pancakes? And why it's accidental? Well, at first it was suppose to be a bread, a rye bread. Last night I mixed all the ingredients, put the dough to rise, clean the kitchen counter and took the flour bag to put it in it's place just to realize that I used an oat flour instead! 
It wasn't in my plans to make an oat bread and I added some water to the dough to thin it out and make a batter to use in the morning. 
In the morning, before the cleaning-painting-organizing bug bit me, I made a great pancakes. To the batter that I already had from the last night, I added an egg, two cups cottage cheese and some sugar. Then spooned it into a frying pan, cooked it on both sides until golden brown. I served it with a sour cream and strawberries. I know sour cream sound strange for many of you, so just use whipped cream, maple syrup, honey, or whatever you like with your regular pancakes. Those pancakes were good, and gave me energy to run all day to do my "little" project - the vase project.

I also painted my photography board...  :)

Does it ever happened to you: 
one small thing spontaneously  leads to a big all day project?

See you,


  1. Hey you are very inventive! They look nice these pancakes and healthy too. Have a nice day X

  2. What a beautiful presentation! Those pancakes and strawberries look decadent.

    You were busy! Maybe I better make some oat pancakes ;D

    Yes, one little project often leads to an all day project.

  3. Great pancakes. They must have been delicious with strawberries. And yes it happens quite often that one small thing ignites a big passion for something else of for the bigger process or project. And them I just go with the flow. I like those moments and such situations, because I have the feeling that some unexplicable inner power is leading me into getting things beautifully done :-)

  4. a beautiful presentation. Delicious pancakes!

  5. This king of day, I really like... when you accomplish EVERYTHING! Like your pancakes!

  6. Aahhh 1! It happens at least once every year with me too.. This Damn Bug :D

    Pancakes looks lovely, and the feeling attached along with ( of rearranging evrything ) is even lovlier and so satisfactorily. Is'nt it :)

  7. :)) I had few times one of you moments when I was bitten by the bug:))
    i can imagine that the place look beautiful!
    Your pancakes look fantastic, what a beautiful presentation! Love it!!!

  8. These are great looking pancakes. I like the story of you came to make these pancakes. Sounds like you were busy.

  9. I love accidents like that! I actually had a day like that today! This morning I walked into a room that was disorganized, and just bugging me - and now it is all organized and it makes me smile just to walk in there!

  10. Accidents like this mean you will have a fabulous day :D
    How delicious can these get!

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. This looks so healthy and delicious! What a nice presentation. :)


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