Sunday, March 11, 2012

Antique Show (aka Flea Market)

After I had a fantastic celebration of March 8th, first just us, girls, and later at home with my men, I was all the sunshine and the most positive person. I wanted to save this state of being as long as possible, and I also needed to take my usual break from all media.
So Friday was my outdoor day, and the weather cooperated with me, gifting me (and everyone in the area) with a warm, sunny spring day. I went for a ride in a Boston Mountains just to escape surroundings and have some time just with myself...
It was a Zen drive. It was a Me time.

Back home I worked in my garden. I still have to clean a few raised beds from the last year harvest. My procrastination to do it last fall paid off: I have some carrots already, and a lot of different parsley: all flat leaf with some root variety. It's only March and I already have to preserve: I won't use all the parsley before it starts bolting. But this time I want to step away from a traditional freezing, and do something more interesting. I found a few recipes to try, so wish me luck!



On Saturday I went to an Antique show/Flea Market in town.
First, I've never been to one, hence my excitement to experience something new, well, actually in this case to experience something old!
Second, those markets are the best place to find interesting things for my kitchen and to use in decoration.
And Third, it fits my philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle. I had a budget of $20 to spent if I wanted something.
I entered the Phoenix Expo Center from the 21st century, and went back in time. It was fascinating to see the era gone by in furniture, tools, clothes.
I took some pictures (with my Droid) to share with you.

A pitcher and a wash bawl

Kitchen tools -  some things never change...

A doughnut mold

A Soap Dish

A Samovar lamp

A pillow  fluffer

A washboard

A laundry pins

A horseradish root grinder

Can someone explain why those bottles are so expensive?

An apple cider press

Another pitcher

How was you weekend?
Did you manage to have some Me Time?

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. I love the pictures from the antique show! We have a few antique stores in my town, and I love going in there! It is good to have a budget though :)

  2. Yes, and budget in cash also: this way I know exactly how much I have. Another thing about cash is that I really have to think before I let it go. Cash has more respect than plastic for some reason... Is it just me?

  3. Love the quality of your first picture in this post! Cash rules.

  4. What an interesting post! I enjoyed this very much. Love the pud too!!!

  5. Did you buy anything? I loved the lamp and the whiskey keg is pretty cool. I don't very often go to antique stores or shows because it seems the prices are high but it's a great place to see things of quality! ♥

    1. It was my first time, so I came back quite impressed. I love history of things, time, people, and that show sure had a lot to offer. I did buy a few things that I will show later on the blog. So, please, come back, Diane!

  6. Love antique markets and stores. I could just browse for hours and you never know what you might find.

    1. yep, I am with you! I found some incredible background for my pictures and few other things in my $20 budget. That was a surprise by itself!

  7. I love junk!!! Each my post has junk from Thrift Shop-))) Love them!!

    1. Some people call it antique, but you are right, after all it is junk! :)


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