Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Fun

Today I had a late lunch planned with a few of my friends. And let me tell you how it all went. 
Noon: text message exchange to confirm who picks up whom and at what place we meet.  Quick shower, not so quick make up, dress up.  One last look in the mirror, another touch of the lip gloss, and happy me is out of the door.
12.45 PM: I started  my car, released the emergency break, reverse... and an unashamed warning light  caught my attention.

Yes, that light. See, that exclamation point in parenthesis? Not moving an inch, I put the car back in park, emergency breaks up (habit), out of the car to check the tiers, and...

Ha-ha! My reaction? Panic, a little, just to let all the adrenalin and frustration out. 
After my short panic ritual, a very necessary I'd tell you, I was back to my normal self: called my friends letting them know that I am not coming because I have another priority to address at this time. 
Called the AAA (emergency roadside assistance):
Me: Hello! (after about 5 minutes on hold) I need assistance with a flat tire.
AAA: Yes, we can send someone. Where are you?
Me: In front of my home, I haven't moved an inch yet.
AAA: What color is your car and what model?
Me: Red Toyota Corolla.
AAA: Are you in Washington (state)?
Me: (confused, and after a short pause) No-o-o, I am in Arkansas!
AAA: I am in Washington, let me transfer you to someone in Arkansas.
Me: OK (but she already put me on hold).
At this point I was smiling from ear to ear: it would be interesting to wait for help from Washington...:)

Music playing on a line for another 3 minutes or so.
AAA: Hello, how we can help you?
Me: I have a flat tire and need either towing or someone to help me change the tire.
AAA: OK, where are you? 
Me: At home (telling them my address).
AAA: OK, I will send someone to you. It will take about an hour.
Me: Fine, thanks.

Well, I need to admit, AAA were at the best of their service. The technician came in about 20 minutes, changed the tires, and I was on my way to the repair shop shortly. 
The next few hours I spent in the waiting room while the tire was fixed.  I wasn't angry or nervous. I was so perfectly calm. I met a few people in the waiting room and had a nice chat with them, laughing here and there. 
Yes, I would much prefer to spend time with my friends than in the waiting room of the tire place. But it was a new experience for me to learn how to accept the surprises life gives me on the way and not to stress out about it. 

When the tire was fixed, I had just enough time to get to the yoga class: to breathe, to stretch, to relax, and to open my mind to a new adventures life has to offer. 

Singing bawl... 

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” (Max Planck)

In the end, it was a perfect day just because I am glad I did look at things differently. 

Oh, did I tell you it was raining almost all day?! 


See you,


  1. ahhhh, great attitude Marina. It can be challenging at times! At least that happened when you were at home! Glad it turned out well :)

  2. thank you marina for your coment and I am glad you liked the recipe.

  3. Marina,
    Even though it has been a few days I wanted to let you know that the sauerkraut was absolutely wonderful. The best I've ever tasted. We both loved it. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. :)

  4. Most interesting warning light!!! And you knew what it meant! Too bad about the tire.
    When I see warning a warning light on my car dash board, I pull out the car Manuel from the glove compartment and start reading.
    Not to sound like a commercial, but AAA has made my life a lot easier more than a few times.

  5. Hope the yoga class had made your day after what had happened!There is always next time for the gathering!Cheers!

  6. Awesome, I too should look at thing in a different light...thanks!

  7. Love love that quote - thank you for sharing it.

  8. Sorry about your tire and glad AAA was so efficient. I have found that they come very quickly when you have a flat tire, are 7 months pregnant, with a hungry 3 year old in the car and it's snowing. :-)

  9. Maybe I should try learning yoga; I admired your patience. One of my favourite quotation; it is so true.

  10. sorry to hear about it
    i like the quote too regards

  11. "Accept the surprises life gives me on the way and not to stress out about it."
    Great attitude, love it. I shall remember and practice.

  12. Yes, your perspective can make all the difference...glad the flat tire didn't ruin your day! Have a wonderful weekend~


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