Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hot Day

Lime lemonade
It is official: today we turned on our air conditioner: temperature inside was 82F, outside was close to 90F (30C). I looked at the calendar three times to make sure that last week we switch only clock to the summer time, not the season. No, still March. 
Traditionally I start making a lemonade on Memorial Day. This time mother nature made correction to this routine as well: we were desperate for a cool drink and a spicy meal.

Pasta with a spicy parsley sauce and a lime lemonade
I made a lime lemonade and a pasta with a spicy parsley sauce. Lately I fell in love with all type of garlic sauces, dressings, and dips. This one is one of my latest creations: handful of parsley, a small piece of Pecorino Romano cheese, juice of one whole lemon, 3 cloves garlic, a tablespoon of good olive oil, a tablespoon of veganaise, a handful of walnuts all run through a food processor or a blender. Teenager had it twice!

Have you re-discovered a "new" old ingredient? 
What is it?

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. Lemonade is our house fav.. its such a refreshing drink.. will try out the sauce too :).Teenager had it twice.. i am hooked ;)

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  2. Oh that pasta sauce sounds fantastic. We are definitely big fans of garlic here.

  3. Congratulations on that weather; we seem to be holidaying in the wrong corner. Enjoy!
    I am forever re discovering new old ingredients, especially since I started my blog; here I love to create new with my old recipe.

  4. I find lemonades the most refreshing drink for summers. For me they score much above the fizzy drinks.

  5. 90 degrees???? WOW! It has been warm here too, but guess what -- it's supposed to snow tonight! haha, I love Colorado weather! Love that parsley sauce - I always buy parsley to use for garnish in photos and then never use it! Thanks for the inspiration! And - is that homemade pasta???


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