Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bread Day

Bread is such an amazing food: we can never get bored from eating it. One bread in particular is my all time favorite: I've been eating it since I learned how to eat. This bread my grandmother use to make every week, and every time we were eagerly waiting for her to get the fresh loaf from the oven. 
She always told us to wait until it cools down. Guess what?  Yes, you are right, we never did. As soon as the bread was warm enough to handle, we would brake a piece out of it, pour a glass of buttermilk, and run outside to eat it. Life is good with bread!

This bread is made from the same dough that my usual bread with addition of filling.


Filling: one egg, 2/3 cup farmer's cheese, 1 tbsp dry dill, salt

Filling mixed and ready to be used

Dough is rolled and the filing is evenly distributed on the top



and enjoy! 

See you,


  1. Yum! It looks so good .. I love dill.. and bread!

  2. Your bread looks lovely and yummy.

  3. This looks gorgeous and amazingly delicious!

  4. love stuffed bread.
    I like stuffed bread with plums. my mom makes stuffed bread with sauerkraut.
    your stuffed is great, i like a lot the combination. My husband love the dill and garlic sauce.
    have a nice day

  5. This cheese bread looks amazing! I made anari/ricotta cheese the other day. I think this recipe with my cheese will make a perfect combination!

  6. Ooh I'm loving that ribbons of cheese and herbs through it! :D

  7. That looks amazing. I love the smell of freshly baking bread.

  8. I could feel the strong aroma from the oven. loveee it. :)

  9. What a lovely cheesey dill bread!Yum yum! I have been busy making the sweet bread(coz my children love them) & in fact, I like savoury bread as much as the sweet bread!Thumbs up for this one!

  10. I love savory breads and your bread seems so wonderfully done - awesome!:)

  11. That is cool! Love your saying 'Life is good with bread!'
    Great photo Marina!

  12. Simply excellent. Must be very tasty. Great recipe.

  13. Family recipes are always a success, plus they are connected with the most beautiful parts of our lives, those of our childhood. This bread is definitely good not only because it contains such great flavors as dill, cheese and egg but also because it contains the love of your grandmother which will always be with you!

  14. Love your dill bread. Really looks fantastic-) I should bake KULEBYAKA-))) Would be a good post.

  15. Never thought of putting dill into bread - oh man, this would totally make my peanut butter and pickle sandwiches classy! Gotta try it!


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