Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sun

This afternoon, around 5PM, the sun finally showed up after two days of hiding behind the clouds. 
First, a few rays modestly shone through the clouds, then a few more, and then the sun came shining and wrapping everything with it's warmth. 
It was a beautiful moment. 

The trees, washed by the rain from all the dust and pollen, turned its fresh green crowns to greet the sun. Birds were chirping and playing, free from their hiding spots. Everything was in harmony.  And all it needed was the sun!

For my teenager I made some desserts: kiwi sorbet was his favorite...

Were you surprised today?

See you,


  1. Yay to Spring! The dessert looks so fun!

  2. Oh my gosh, the sorbet is so beautiful!!!

  3. We finally got some sun too. Everything looked so fresh and clean after the rains.

  4. Cool, those sorbet guitars are SO cool!! :) Beautiful photos!!

  5. Wow, how lovely those sorbets, a little work of art. Love the pics too!

  6. That is a very impressive dessert!

  7. This guitars are stunning! My son would love them-)


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