Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Firework" and "Pizza"

My day went totally off the rails. 

Usually I have a "to do list" either in my head or on the paper.

1. Deal with all the little chores I was saving for "later" while my parents were here. Well, today was that "later".
2. Review the budget for January.
3. Rotate produce in refrigerator (I had a big shopping at Whole Foods in Dallas).
4. Clean the fireplace, get some wood. They cut the tree on the property and I was allowed to collect some wood before a truck comes to pick it up.
5. Look through seed's catalogs and start ordering for a new season.
6. Make a soup and pizza for dinner.
7. Have a great evening next to a fireplace with my husband and son.

And usually by the end of the day all or most of the planed activities are crossed.
It wasn't the case today. 

After I had my homemade yogurt with raspberries for breakfast, I got right to the "little" chores which took me a good half of the day. 
When I got home it was so cold,  all I wanted was a cup of hot tea and a warm blanket. But I decided it's better to move and warm up while doing some physical activities. I went outside for a firewood. A few trips to the tree, and I was warm and quite happy - free firewood! 
Then, I cleaned the fireplace and took a box with a wood ashes outside to sprinkle it on my front yard (good source of phosphorus and something else, I forgot). 
As I opened the front door, a cold wind blow in and lifted all the ashes up in the air and back into the room. I was left with an empty box and to the picture of ashes flying around the room like a confetti - did someone requested a "firework" ?! Check the list!
I couldn't stop laughing, for some unexplainable reason it was very funny. 
By this time my son called me to pick him up from school. When we came back, "confetti" were settled down and were possible to clean. 
My 2, 3, and 5 from the list would have to wait.

As "what's for dinner..."  well, I had to improvise, really.
One zucchini, few tablespoons of sauteed mushrooms, spinach, some cheese, tomato sauce, and ... ready for this? ... on some tortilla... 
Baked for 10 min in 425F oven. "Pizza" anyone?!

Dinner is served, my friends! I actually liked tortilla "pizza": thin crust, quick to make, throw on the top anything you want. Simple! 
I think it is going to be one of our favorites for a while...

Everyone loved the mushroom "pizza"

My personal favorite - spinach and  cheese "pizza"

I guess, I have a "to do list" for tomorrow - rolled over from today. :)


Did you have some fun today?

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. Oh, my! that will certainly set your list back a day! I had a GREAT day! I spent the day in the kitchen - which makes me happy!

  2. Oh, to be honest I wouldn't be that calm if a box of ashes was spread in my living room! I guess I would ask everyone to just stop talking to me for about couple of hours lol. The veg pizzas look terrific! I haven't done anything interesting today other than working, working, working. Have a great weekend i am your new follower!

  3. Thank you Ann and Katerina for your comments. I enjoy reading your blogs, ladies!

  4. whoa pizza on a tortilla? sounds awesome! I wish I had some tortillas I could use to make this right now!


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