Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home Bound and Natural Simplicity

I am waiting for a package. It is so important for me that I skipped the yoga class (and I almost never miss my yoga!) You wonder what's in that package?  Let it be a little secret until it arrives, yes? I can tell you that: I've been working on getting it for about five, yes, five! years.
Waiting is not my favorite time spending activity.  It feels as day stretches from 24 hours to ... endless.
I had my breakfast: sauteed chard. I know, it's not a traditional morning oats and something. But I wanted my chard. I don't divide food into breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a snack for that matter. My breakfast can be a stew, and my dinner can be an apple with a walnuts and a cap of tea. Too flexible?!
Then I checked the blogs I follow and left my comments.
Then I turned on TV to watch on Netflix next episode of Anthony Bourdain's  show No Reservations, where he visits meatless institution in Rajasthan, India. Oh dear, it's a vegetarian heaven and I want to go there. I could smell all the herbs, spices mixed with all a very simple ingredients. I love Indian food, and am a little intimidated to cook it. However, I do make a little steps in that direction.
Here I need to make a note about my food philosophy: I am not against the meat consumption. As cliche as it sounds, everyone has a choice of what to eat. I cook with meat about once a week for my family. I am not brainwashed with all that  animal rights, etc. propaganda. 
I do though believe that animal deserved better life than feedlots, therefore I buy only meat of animals that were treated well, mostly chicken meat. 
And once a week we have fish, which I eat too (so I guess, I am 97% vegetarian with occasional fish consumption - 3% pescatarian?  Oh, I don't really care much!)
I am more of Michael Pollan's: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. (from In Defense of Food) Hence, my cooking is all about making a healthy meals with whole ingredients, organic, natural, non-modified, and naturally existing. I call my cooking (and my lifestyle too) The  Natural Simplicity in Cowboy Country. Isn't it the way cowboys in this part lived like for decades? 

It's only quarter to noon. That UPS truck can't come fast enough...

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. I wonder what it is! A book perhaps? Well whatever it is, I hope you'll get it soon! I know that this waiting would kill my nerves!

    1. Thank you, Katerina. I usually can keep myself occupied around the house. Today I think I did it all: all the laundry is done, cleaned the house again (last time I cleaned was yesterday). Tried to read a book, wasn't able to focus, so I just dusted around in 137th times. I jump to the door each time I hear a truck-like sound. Still not here.

  2. Hi Marina ~ I love surprises and can't wait to see if you'll reveal your much anticipated and long awaited package. What could it be, I wonder? :)

    Chard for breakfast? Oh, I'm SO with you on that one ~ traditional breakfast fare usually tastes best to me at any OTHER time of day . . .

    Thank you for your very kind comments on my blog, and thank you for visiting. I'm so happy to be your most recent follower. xo ~m

  3. Thank you Mari, I am glad you came here. Nice to meet you, my new friend!

  4. Marina, I love surprises and if I know I am getting something then I like to guess.
    I am Indian and a flexitarian. I cook vegetables and lentils everyday and if we are having meat I make sure we have leaf salad with it. It was nice meeting you.

  5. Thank you Balvinder. I love visiting your blog, you recipes are great. I am making baby steps cooking Indian food, and I can learn a lot from your blog.


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