Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let The Workout Begin!

Breakfast: homemade kefir with kumquats zest

Today was my first day of complete workout at the gym after a break. 
While my parents were here I was able to squeeze a yoga class here and there, some elliptical at home and weights, also at home. Then I took a whole week to rest. 
So today I was as excited as a first grader to go to Marvin Altman Health and Fitness Center. 
For some people gym is a boring routine. Same was for me in the beginning until I found what I love: yoga classes with Bryan, aqua fitness with Mamie, listening to my favorite radio station while on  the elliptical (not the other way!). 
And I made many good friends with whom I have a lot in common. What a benefit of membership!

This morning on my way to the gym I was thinking: ok, yoga class and a short run, a mile or so.
There is something about the favorite radio station, isn't it? 
I tuned in, stepped on the elliptical, and next thing I knew I run whole 5K (3,1 miles). Surprises me each time (the radio station).
I achieved my workout goal for today, well, you're right, over-achieved... No complains on this part.
Next I needed some food. For lunch I wanted some warm soup, like from the Pho Vietnam, my favorite vegetarian curry.

And for dinner? Kale salad with a jicama and a grapefruit. 
How can I explain what kale is for me? It's like your favorite cake, or candy, or ice-cream (which I personally don't like - no ice cream for me, please. It's all yours!)
Not convinced? I thought so. 

Let me put it this way. Have you ever taken any medications? Did you like it? What about side effects? 
That's how I started - I knew I had to change the way I eat. I knew all of the cruciferous vegetables, especially dark leaf greens are good for me, but didn't taste good (except cabbage). 
So I ate it as I would take a medication - because I had to. Then I experimented with different flavors, techniques, and... fall in love with kale. 

Mister Timer is watching it for me...


If you ever wondered where the road took me yesterday, not far... to the soccer field. 
My cute teenager son came to me and with this innocent look asked me if I can drive him to school. 
He just remembered he had a soccer practice... Which meant I had to pick him up 2 hours later. 
Does it happened only in my family when kids give you a 10 minutes notice?

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. I had tons of last minute notices with the kids....I feel your pain! Congratulations on your workout - that's incredible! LOVE the soup, too! I'm new to Kale. I like it, but I'm working up to loving it....

    1. Thank you Ann. I don't feel that bad now. As of kale, it would be interesting to see where it would take you in your culinary endeavours.

  2. Bravo for finding time to do your workout!! Healthy habit!

    1. It wasn't easy, Efty. I didn't find time, I made that time for my health.

  3. Kale has become my new best friend - although I prefer it in soups than in salads. Brava for you and your workout - I am back at it - I used to run and then I didn't and now I walk!

    1. I am an elliptical "runner" - my knees don't like hard surface, so I had to find something that is good for my heart and for my knees. I started using kale in salads after I tried it raw at Whole Foods and loved it! Thanks for the comment!


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