Monday, January 30, 2012

Potato Salad

View from my patio

Please, remind me what month it is? January or June?
If January, why it is sooo hot?


If June, why I want some warm soup... or salad? 
I am not the only one who is confused.
My plants went crazy.
My lemon tree decided it's spring - time to bloom, and I am a busy bee  pollinating it!


My tomatoes, that I planted two month earlier than last year so they would be in full bloom before southern heat hits Fort Smith, got a wrong message too: look how big they are.

Tomatoes in January...

No, that's not what I meant when I planted you so early! Slow down, please, I don't have enough room in the house!

And bird outside... are they suppose to sing this time of the year?! Is it still January really?
I think it's around 70s outside, and I have both balcony and patio doors open.

Parsley in my  garden

I think I need some salad. A June salad. A cold potato salad...
A la  Alton Brown cold potato salad.

I made a few substitutions: used pickles instead of cornichones; and I had Vegenais instead of mayonnaise. It was perfect salad for a warm day!

Potato salad a la Alton Brown, a very "good eats"... and parsley from my garden

Was your weather confusing?
Was it a soup-day or a salad-day?

Until next time,
Cowboy Country Vegetarian


  1. We're definitely warmer in Minnesota - but not warm enough to plant! Lucky you!

    1. Tomatoes are inside, we have below freezing temperature at night. Parsley seems to like it, it grow like crazy this time of the year. I am thinking on freezing some for the ... summer! :)


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